In this game you use the mouse to move left and right. The Players ship will shoot automatically at the enemies. you have 4 lives. There is shape shifting in the player as well as in the enemies. Beware!
Make a highscore. ENJOY

Score > 100 : Ship changes into a more powerful ship with better weapons.
Score > 200 : Even more powerful ship with better weapons.
Score > 300 : Way more powerful ship with better weapons.

And also as you make a higher score the difficulty increases as the Enemies get stronger(they get more health) and they also get weapons.


UPDATE: 01/05/2016
VER 1.0 :
1. Added pause screen. Press the escape key to pause the game.
2. Added different lasers and gun flare to different ships.
3. Adjusted the difficulty of the game.
4. Fixed bug where the ships used to stop spawning after a while.
5. Added a nice splash screen created by myself.
6. Added a custom cursor to the game.
7. New icon for the game.
8. Now the shape shifting happens as you make a better score.

UPDATE: 05/05/2016
VER 1.1 :
1.Added Menu button for the pause screen. Makes it easier to restart the game :)
2.Now the enemies stop spawning after you die.


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